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have been evacuated because of a hazardous materials situation. ktvu's eric ras, among other rasmussen joins us live. >> reporter: firefighters are still work the scene. we can show you that we're at powell and vallejo and look over here. erica, if you could pan over here to show police are still stopping residents from going past this tape because of this hazardous materials situation of as you look down the road on powell, we understand it was in a residence, down here on this street that it happened. the call came in around 7:30 and according to the police we're getting from sf pd, they have a suicide in the unit where the person used chemicals. they had to evacuate a couple of buildings. when ways on the other side of
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the scene, the red cross has several people wrapped in blankets. the initial word that was about 15 residents were evacuated because of this hazardous materials situation, but in talking to the red cross who has been talking to these evacuees they think there could be more people than that that had to get out of building. they are still very busy trying to, in their words "neutralize the situation." and, in fact, at this point we might not be entirely sure what the chemical is. but again, we know that this started a little bit about 7:30. may have been part a suicide and they are still working the scene. it's very active right now and we're going to stay on-scene and gather more information and we'll bring it to you as soon as we get. it eric rasmussen, kiro-7eyewits ras chase utley eyewitness news. you request see a lot of heavy equipment out there and a pretty big gap in the areas
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that crews are replacing a portion of the bridge deck. ktvu's noelle walker shrive with an update. >> reporter: ken caltrans is making the most of this time without cars on the bridge. take a look behind me. at the moment this is one of the side projects that they are working on. they are installing new crash pads at tollgates. the main project, seismic retrofit that closed this bridge we're told is right on schedule. the san mateo bridge is the longest bridge in the bay area and this weekend it's also the quietest. okay, so that is not so quiet. but the traffic is. drivers are clogging other bridges and freeways because the san mateo bridge is closed for the weekend, so caltrans with reface a 60' section of it. >> we have replaced westbound and we have replaced three of the new seahawks and in the process of placing the fourth. >> reporter: these 14 by 34 bridge sections
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on top of that flatbed will be under commuters' tires on monday. caltrans is using a huge crane to put them in the piece by 4500-ton piece. >> when you are working with very, very heavy equipment you have to take things very slowly and carefully because of the safety factor and complexity of the project. >> reporter: the nearly $3 million project was sparked by a 4" crack found in one of seismic retrofit girders replaced in the '90s. >> basically what we did was we redesigned the entire 60' section of the bridge. >> reporter: with cars off the bridge, caltrans is doing a little housekeeping maintenance too. when the bridge re-opens monday morning, there will be new barriers, crash cushions and landscaping. and we're going to go through the same drill again next weekend, when caltrans closes
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the san mateo bridge so they can work on the eastbound lanes. reporting live on the san mateo bridge noelle walker ktvu channel 2 news. here is some video shot from news chopper it 2 of the traffic on the dumbarton bring this evening. traffic is heavier than it would be this time of night, but it's still moving smoothly. a crash happened on southbound so 1 near the blossom hill off-ramp. the highway patrol says a jeep was parked on the shoulder and was struck from behind. the driver of the jeep and two passengers died. another passenger had minor injuries. victims inside the jeep were from carmel and los angeles. the driver of the honda also had minor injuries. >> a man walking into a crosswalk was hit by a car this evening, sending hip to the hospital with what police are
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calling life-threatening injuries. police say the driver stopped and it does not appear drugs or automobile were involved. witnesses say they have long complained that the area is poorly lit. authorities in oregon say autopsy next week will determine if two bodies found in klamath county are those of two missing bay area men. the klamath county sheriff says detectives believe remains found in a rural area thursday night bay mai be those of 38- year-old jauregui and 42-year- old mendez ceja of richmond. the two reportedly went to oregon to buy a horse. the investigator begin two weeks ago when jauregui's burned-out truck was discovered. officials in antioch say a man's body was found in the 2200 block of manzanita. right now police say the man's dame is a possible homicide. police are not saying how as we killed or whether they have made arrests. with we spoke to some neighbors
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who say they are worried about safety of their neighborhood. >> they could come from anywhere at anytime and the way they shoot-around here you never know when someone is going to get you. >> the victim is only identify as a 26-year-old man from antioch, but his name has not been released. a bay area man who survived a horrific figuring boat tragedy in mexico last year is asking for help tonight. as ktvu's john sasaki reports he is looking for the one item that he credits with saving his life. >> reporter: this was the fishing boat called the eric, which went down in the sea of cortez, killing eight man. >> i would have died, i would have drowned without that life vest. >> reporter: it was this red vest when other victim had given him after they floated for four and a half hours clinging to some ice chests. >> when daybreak came we decided to swim for it and we were separated of first he was given this life vest that gave
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me confidence and ten hours later i finally made to a deserts island r. after his brush with death, gibson who is chief of police at contra costa college is a motivational speech this week the vest was stolen from the back of his police suv. >> it represented the british columbia of mankind because a guy named glenn wong gave that to me. >> reporter: kishon says it means a lot to him. >> sometimes i reeled i might not get it back, john and that is okay. because i have it in my heart and my mind and just maybe that vest has another life to save out there. >> reporter: chief gibson says whoever took the vest can just return it to him at anytime no, questions asked. he just wants his vest back. i'm john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. good news tonight to report on that fire burning in lake
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county. firefighters say the fire is 100% contained of the the fire broke out thursday. the so-called 19 fire destroyed one home with several outbuildings and 11 vehicles. in all about 300 acres burned. firefighters say they plan to remain in the area over the next severaldaes to make sure there are no flare ups. there is no word on how the fire may have started. >> fire investigators in livermore say they may if any what, sparked a fire at a 100- year-old church. when crews arrived the boeing was engulfed in flames. firefighters say they think someone was inside the former church. possibly a homeless person who started a fire to keep warm. nobody was hurt. a house in andoch went up in flames early this morning. fire crews got the call of a fire on milton lane 1:20 this morning. the fire chief says there weren't any fire hydrants nearby. investigators are still working
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to determine what started the fire and nobody was injuryed. >> a man was killed and another wounded in a drive-by shooting in vallejo this morning. authorities say gunshots rang out this morning. when officers arrived they found two men suffering from gunshot wounds. dom wounds. one man died of his injuries and the other is hospitalized. in oakland two men were taken to the hospital after they were shot near 10th and union streets in west oakland a police dispatcher tells us both men were stable. police did not release any descriptions the four men believed to be involved. why are bay area teachers going door-to-door, all saturday afternoon? it's the same reason the governor is in san francisco today. we'll tell you what they are pushing for weeks before the election. a piece of livermore history goes up in flames.
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what fire officials believe sparked a fire that destroyed a century old building. it's do-or-die time for the san francisco again.
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. the countdown is on for tomorrow's game 6 of the national league championship series. the san francisco giants return to town early this morning.
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we saw the hero of last night's game. there he is, pitcher barry zito. giants shutout the st. louis cardinals 5-0 in that do-or-die game. the team still has its work cut out to make it to the world series. giants have to sweep the cards at the next two games in the at&t park. a loss ends the giant's season. eric rasmussen was live in the city with giant's fever is still running high. >> reporter: giant's world series hopes still alive. orange lights lit up san francisco's landmarks for least one more night, but maybe nothing says team spirit like the wedding party of couple. they can thank barry zito and the rest of the giants for keeping the orange and black intact for the wedding day.
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>> it's been a rough stretch, but hopefully tomorrow. >> you guys might be their good luck charm. >> i hope so. >> today's pablo sandoval tweeted this photo from the locker room and even their youngest fans know it's all business tomorrow. >> i think that they are doing pretty well in the playoffs and hopefully they will go into the -- what is. >> reporter: the world series? >> yes. >> reporter: do you think they request do that? >> yes. >> reporter: we even found a cardinals' fan not feel sog confident after a day in the city with friends. are you sweating a little bit right now? >> only because i went into this store. he figured just being from was a bad omen. >> reporter: you can still get tickets for tomorrow, but be prepared to pay more. in san francisco, eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. so what will the weather be
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like at at&t park for game 6? meteorologist mark tamayo joins us. >> our live camera looking towards the ballpark with cloudy skies, weather patterns changes a bit as we head into sunday. you will probably notice the biggest change in the form of cloud cover. here is our forecast model. we're going to set this at 10:00 sunday morning and overall increase in the clouds. shower activity up to our north and west. there is a slight chance of a sprinkle as we head into the evening hours of maybe a sprinkle towards the ballpark, but the main change here at first pitch will be mostly cloudy skies, temperatures 60 degrees. and winds out west to right around 15 miles per hour. we'll soon be burning up rain chances and we'll look at timing of that coming up in a few minutes. thank you, mark and game of can be seen right here on kutv
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channel 2 news. and our coverage continueson line. five time swimming gold medalist missy franklin says they will says -- she will be attending uc berkeley. franklin is a high school senior in colorado and made the announcement anyway tweet. cal can't comment until she signs the letter of intent. a push to stop construction of a new warrior's arena. coming up in 16 minutes the effort to stop the basketball team from moving to san francisco. new developments tonight on a story we first reported in february. about a huge flock of roosters on a property in castro valley. the alameda county sheriff's office told ktvu it will around nunes to have 75 roosters on his property. we learned in february there
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were between 400 and 500 roosters this there. neighbors complained about the noise and expressed concern that the birds might be used for fighting. at least one person on the property denied the accusation. in election 2012 news republican vice presidential candidate paul ryan focused on the economy at several campaign stops today. >> you are not going to duck the tough issues. we're going to run at our country's economic and fiscal problems before they get out of our control. that is what leaders do. >> congressman ryan rallied supporters in two key battleground states, ohio and pennsylvania. in the meantime, president obama in his weekly address criticized republicans in what he calls "their efforts to block his economic recovery plans." they even kept it preventing a vote. president obama and former governor mitt romney staid off the campaign trail as they head into their third and final
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debate on monday. with time rounding out until the election, the battle in california's election is intensifying. lorraine blanco shows us about proposition 30. >> proposition 30 is about kids and teachers and they produce the brains and shells that make the jobs possible. >> reporter: governor brown rallied support for prop 30. >> if i asked any one of you if i could guarantee you $500,000, would you pay 1% of the extra money you earned that year? [ laughter ] i think so. >> reporter: it would raise income taxes 1- 3% on people making more than a quarter million dollars a year and increase the sales tax a quarter of a cent. many teachers spent saturday afternoon walking neighborhoods and passing out fliers with information about prop 30.
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if it doesn't pass supporters say students k-12 will lose three weeks' of school and college students could see another tuition increase. >> i drove trucks five hours a day i went to college. >> reporter: the college. college. >> to say we can take another $6 billion in cuts because those are most fortunate that want to pay another 1% that is completely out of touch. >> reporter: in san francisco lorraine blanco, ktvu channel 2 news. coming up at 10:30 a proposition on the november ballot that could change how much california drivers pay for insurance. the key factor that can change your rate. a new report suggests students are increasingly
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choosing private colleges over california's public universities. the associated press reports that private colleges are seeing significant spikes in enrollment from students disillusioned with the spiraling tuition and fewer classes at uc, csu and community colleges. a fallen athlete speaks out and lance armstrong makes his first public appearance since he was linked to an elaborate doping scandal and new information about a shooting and house fire that claimed the lives of a father and son near los angeles. thirty-eight. schools. trouble, we all should help out. under thirty-eight they do. more a year. bucks. money for schools. every school dollar must be... spent on student learning. student wins.
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vote yes on thirty-eight.
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police in the southern california city of inglewood released new information about a shooting that killed a father and his young child. the man was killed as he shielded his young. so the boy also died a short time later. two other children and the mother were taken to the hospital for gunshot wounds. police say the gunman live on a
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property and there was reports that he was fighting an eviction notice. the official news from the white house there is no agreement to meet one-on-one over tehran's nuclear program. the sources say iran is only willing to sit down after the u.s. presidential election is over. israel is threatening to strike iran's nuclear facilities in tehran doesn't stop its uranium enrichment program. in other news of the world tonight today marks a year since former liban leader muammar gaddafi was killed by rebel forces. today there are new reports his youngest son was killed today
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in fighting. liban national congress says only that the younger gaddafi was killed in battle, but offered no further details. in france, hundreds had to be rescued today as the river in lourdes flooded its banks. the water from the spring at the grotto is through to have healing powers. i get asked a lot people say man, how are you doing? i say - and i say this every time and i mean it, i say i have been better. but i have also been worse. >> armstrong made his remarks at 15th celebration of life strong the charity he founded to help those balloting cancer. on wednesday armstrong stepped
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down as chairman of the non- profit. last month the u.s. department of the u.s. anti-doping agency stripped him of his tour de france medals. the proposition before voters that could change the way car insurance fees are calculated in california. hundreds people protest today outside of the hayward kaiser hospital. the unit facing closure that has them up in arms.
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. you will be seeing a somewhat familiar insurance proposition on the november ballot, a proposition that is essentially funded by a single california billiar. ktvu's tom vacar profiles proposition 33. >> reporter: auto insurance prop 33 makes golden promises. >> it will save me and california drivers money every month and makes it easier for drivers to switch insurance companies, leading to more competition and lower rates. >> reporter: under prop 33 the law would require that any discount you have earned at one company would be good at another company. but for many consumers who had no insurance or a break in coverage over last five years big sur charges could be in the offing. including new drivers, those who do not have cars, those who quit driving because of recession or chaos to take public transit. >> my response would be that i do believe that competition can be increased and there can be a more robust market in carriage and proposition 33 will do that. >> reporter: current law passed by
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california voters 24 years ago when rates were running wild requires that your rates be based primarily on your driving record, the number of years you have driven, the number of miles you drive. prop 33 would make whether or not you have had continuous car insurance camera a factor that insurers could use to set your rates. >> it would allow for a fourth factor that is not connected to risk. >> what prop 33 would do is create another optional rating factor that companies could use or not use. >> reporter: that could change current law that has put the brakes on runaway rates. >> it would allow insurance companies to raise rates on millions of motorists, including motorists with perfect driving records and has no relationship to whether or not there worse risks. >> once you are kind of have a policy with one insurance company to shop your discount to any other insurance company is very hard. >> reporter: really? >> geico, 15 minutes could
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save you 115% or more on car insurance. >> and this is to remain you could save hundreds. >> the national study found california has the fourth most competitive auto insurance market in the nation. >> reporter: prop 33 is very similar to a proposition voters rejected years ago and as then it came from funding from billionaire george joseph from mercury insurance. >> it would benefit his company, a company with the worst ratings in customer satisfaction in the nation. >> he is 91 years old and he believes in competition and believes that the market should be more robust. >> reporter: voters must decide will it be robust for them? i'm consumer editor tom ar, ktvu channel 2 news. a has mat situation in san francisco as north beach has led to some evacuations. ktvu's recur eric rasmussen has
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the latest. >> reporter: the latest to contain this thing to neutralize whatever chemicals that they are dealing with. as of right now it's still an active situation. we're getting a better feel for where exactly this happened. we're on powell in vallejo and residents tell us this t- happened two-thirds the way down the street that they have closed off tonight. we want to show you video we shot moments ago of we talked to residents that were forced to evacuate this building. the call came in a little bit before:30 and what police are telling us is that someone in a unit here used chemicals of some kind to commit suicide and what we're learning from some residents is possibly a call from that person's girlfriend, earlierly got first-responders in motion to get in here and get everybody out. you see in the video some people had to be evacuated. possibly 15, make more people and again, moments ago we spoke
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to some residents who got out and happy things aren't worse than they are. >> it's scary to know that we have been put in danger over this. i mean, that is our thing. you know, we thank god someone called and they got us out in time, but apparently from what we're hearing this could have been worse than it is. >> reporter: as we come back out live, you might be able to catch a glimpse of red cross. it's also on-scene, assisting folks who have been forced out of their homes. when he we talked to them, they don't know when they will be let back in. firefighters are working hard and we're giving space for them to do what they have to do. one of the big questions what exactly are these chemicals that caused this man to die? apparent hi a suicide attempt and what are these chemicals that everybody smelled and knew they had to get out building. we'll gather that information and bring it to you in future
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editions of our newscast. live in san francisco, eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. hundreds protested at hayward kaiser hospital offer plans to close it's pediatric unit. >> we pay such high premiums for health care that they would make us then driver even farther to get care for our child that. could have meant the matter between life-and-death for him. >> these hospitals are state- of-the-art and wait to deliver pediatric in-patient care is to consolidate the services and that is going to be at oakland site. >> hospital managers say they are adding 35 more beds to their pediatric site in oakland, which is scheduled to open in 2014. >> is there an online petition for those oppose the to warrior
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arena in san francisco. some residents say the project would create a traffic nightmare on the embarcadero and others worry it will obstruct views of bay. the on-line petition was started by a san francisco man who runs a boat repair shop. a tiburon man is out of marin county jail after serving time for an attempted attack with his car with a strange swift. officers say eugene anderson drove up on sidewalk and almost hitting a man. ' appeared to be upset by the man's played jacket. he must undergone mental treatment. also half of all
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robberies in san francisco are cell phone-related. oakland council candidate dan kalb was held up and robbed of his cell phone. phone thefts with cost consumers $30 billion. a national database to track reported phones is set to go on- line late next year. >> if you are calling this you are you must dial the area code. >> people in the south bay with the 408 area code phone numbers now have to dial the area code to make local calls. 10-digit dialing went into effect this morning. 911, 311 and 411 can still be dialed directly. the so-called overlay area code is necessary because new numbers starting with 408 are expected to rup out in a few months. a 400-year-old controversy comes to an end. the move the federal government
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made that designates drakes bay in marin county an historical landmark. the cooldown continues in the babe and meteorologist mark tamayo is up next with when we can expect rain to begin.
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. here is a live look at at&t park where in less than 24 hours the san francisco giants take the field against the st. louis cardinals. >> fingers crossed and we'll see if the weather holds up. mark tamayo. >> it looks like the timing of the rainfall will hold off until late tomorrow night into monday morning. so good news there. there is a slight chance of the sprinkle in the latter innings.
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we have lots of cloud cover with partly to mostly cloudy skies. the clouds will continue to thickenp. as far as current temperatures, we have some 50s to report out towards santa rosa and napa and these neighborhoods are dropping back down into the 40s as we head into the overnight hours. partly cloudy skies across the bay area. increasing clouds and tomorrow we'll continue can the cool them. in the extended we're talking about rain clouds beginning monday and rain chances last into tuesday and into wednesday. so the weather pattern really changing over the next few days. first thing tomorrow morning, those readings will be in the lower 40s out towards santa rosa, napa, san josi 49 degrees and concord around 48. here is the weather system that i have been tracking up to our north and west. you can see the associated rainfall beginning to move into washington. we'll pick up a few high clouds as we head into sunday and our cooling trend will continue. that means most spots in the 60s for afternoon highs. in monday, this will be a storm
10:39 pm
for the north bay. bay and south bay, we would be lucky to get .25". rainfall will gradually spread to the south. the intensity weakens and it will reinforce the cooling monday into tuesday. our forecast moils showing you all the cloud cover tomorrow morning into the afternoon hours. we'll take this into tomorrow night. this is when we bring in the chance of a few sprinkles the although the main action is to our north and west. we'll go ahead and expand the view. into the monday commute, there is associated band. monday night into tuesday we'll hold onto the possibility of scattered showers. we could still be tracking more activities off an on, very scattered in nature as we head into wednesday. winter storm watch posted for the sierra. this is a key change.
10:40 pm
this begins sunday night lasting into monday. snowfall potentially in the order of 5-10". forecast highs for tomorrow, everybody cools off. 60s, warmest locations maybe right around 70 towards st. helena. san josi in the upper 60s at 67 and san francisco tops out right around 63 degrees. your five-day forecast with your weekend always in view. off an on showers into tuesday. so maureen and ken, before we watch the game a good idea to look for umbrella and clean out of storm drains. >> and if there is a game 7 it could be interesting weather. >> we'll be waxing it. >> thank you, mark. the department of interior has designated drake's bay at point reyess a national historic landmark. some say that is where the famous explorer landed to repair his ship.
10:41 pm
they say landmark status makes that location official. others say drake landed elsewhere, possibly oregon or alaska. and the landmark declaration stops shore of saying that that is the exact spot. the declaration says the location is associated with the earliest encounters between california indians and europeans. still to come, san josi state looks to continue its winning streak on the road. and the 115th big game is in the books. we have the battle of ax. sportswrap is next.
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thirty-eight mean? funding. restores what we've lost... music and science labs. and your school. can get a world-class education. and sacramento can't touch it. me? the sky's my limit.
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. good evening everyone and thanks for joining us our saturday night edition of sportswrap. well, cal remodeled memorial stadium and now they need to
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rebuild their offense. today the golden bears scored the fewest pickups in a big game since 1998. cal fans probably wished they played this game in november as they used to. the visiting crowd was ready to party, right now. stanford had not scored a touchdown on the road still stepfan taylor scores this 7- yarder, running to a career- high 189 yards. cal made it 7-3 when josh nunnes finds a wide open zach ertz. he gets tripped up at the 7- yard line. look like a blown coverage by cal. two plays later it's nunes to another tight end tiololo for the touchdown. stanford commits two turnovers cal made three. you can see

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